Who we are

We are a team of like-minded aviation professionals who want to make a difference. Our satisfied customers drive our motivation and innovation. Our distinct level of service is what sets us apart, and that is why we love what we do, even on a Monday morning.

Our Essence

Always going the extra mile

Not just what is expected

Our Mission

Technological leadership

To futureproof your business

Our Promise

A true business relationship

It’s about people

What we do

We provide comprehensive flight management services to airline passenger charters and freight carriers. Many of us came to Travion from major airlines which is why we share their focus on margin preservation. We believe that this sector of aviation business deserves more care and attention.

Worldwide operation with a soft spot for Africa

Notwithstanding our worldwide capability and reputation, we have an affinity for Africa. It is an underserved region but also a beautiful continent with diverse cultures and unique nature. We desire to open the continent to more non-scheduled traffic by applying our skills, knowledge, and attention.

Why choose Travion

A true business relationship starts here

We are ready to lead you into to the future of Flight Management. If you are not already a customer, claim your first flight with us free of Travion fees. We know you will like our service!

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