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Flight Operations

Overflight & landing
Exemption ICAO Annex 18 (FF DG)
Flight planning
Slot coordination
Navigation fees


Ground Support

Ground handling & supervision
Fuel supply
Crew support
Concierge services
Hotel accommodation
Ground transportation
Meet & assist


Air Passenger Duty

APD bands & rates
HMRC penalties & interest
Fiscal representative
Monthly aircraft registration

Occasional operator scheme



Based on more than a decade of experience, service requests are usually processed by random dispatchers who happen to be on shift at the time and then processed without consideration for who the customer is. A PURELY TRANSACTIONAL RELATIONSHIP!

When we receive a service request, we do not apply an automatic process. It’s not a dispatcher who is our gate keeper for incoming service requests – it’s someone who thinks customer service, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Dealing with larger companies especially requires the application of common sense as well as rigorous procedure. It is necessary to consult and co-ordinate with multiple departments who often do not see the full picture and appreciate expert guidance.

MANAGEMENT is not only about controlling and coordinating but also anticipating issues and making decisions that positively affect outcomes. This is what we do here at Travion. Not only do we process your request, we also suggest more effective and efficient options by applying our experience and common sense. A TRUE BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP!


When you request Travion service, you will be assigned two long term Flight Managers. This means more effective and consistent communication. Flight Managers are familiar with all your historical requests, needs and preferences.

We are hiring people with the right attitude who are naturally built to understand customers needs. The rest we can teach. All our Flight Managers are given full authority and are encouraged to walk that extra mile for their assigned customers.

Processing a service request is not only about delivery. It’s also about proper post flight follow up. Learning on what and how to constantly improve. Whether it’s a problem with suppliers, invoices or in rare cases our service, we take full responsibility for everything related to your flights.

Here at Travion you will meet only open minded people with real passion for what they are doing. It’s the satisfied and grateful customer that drives our motivation. It’s the small positive changes we are able to make that keep us excited about what we do even on Monday morning.

We charge flat Travion fees regardless of destination or aircraft size. No difficult calculations based on the MTOW and no hidden fees.

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

~ William A. Foster