Smartwings Africa Tour flights successfully managed by Travion

London Oxford Airport, 31st January 2019: Smartwings, the biggest Czech air carrier and, at the same time, one of the most rapidly growing air carriers in Central Europe, trusted Travion ltd. with yet another ground service and flight permit coordination for their 737-800 Africa Tour charter flights.

The seventeen-day itinerary consisted of twelve flights organized by a Slovak travel agency Leonardo. The route started in Prague in the Czech Republic and after a stopover in Bratislava it continued to Africa and the passengers had a chance to visit 8 different countries on the African continent. Travion successfully supported Smartwings in São Tomé Island, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique, Madagascar, Réunion Island and Djibouti.

As with any project of this scope and complexity, it is necessary to pay attention to detail, be single-minded in planning, thorough in communication and meticulous in follow through. Travion’s team of experienced flight managers once again demonstrated, through their commitment to excellence backed by their market leading real-time communication application, their ability to handle such a project.

Michal Pasker, Smartwings ’s Head of Flight Schedule Department said “The trip was successfully completed to the full satisfaction of all parties involved, the carrier, the travel agency and most importantly the passengers. The whole operations team at Travion did an excellent job again coupled with real professionalism. We appreciate their online service status system as a great and helpful asset because it allows all departments and parties to be on the same page.”

In commenting on the project Lukas Kadlcik, the Head of Operations at Travion, said “Projects of this nature demonstrate the level of expertise shown by our team and our ability to stretch the bounds when it comes to complex and difficult itineraries. We love a challenge.”

* * *

ABOUT TRAVION: Travion with its HQ in Oxford and Flight Management Centre in Prague provides a complete range of flight management services, both AD HOC and OUTSOURCED. From securing permits and slots, through arranging flight plans, ground handling services, fuel and in-flight catering to high-quality concierge services as well as meet & assist. Travion also assists operators with the payment of AIR PASSENGER DUTY (APD).

ABOUT SMARTWINGS: Smartwings is the biggest Czech air carrier and at the same time, one of the most rapidly growing air carriers in Central Europe belonging to Smartwings Group. The Group consists of six subsidiaries and transport of passengers represents the biggest business portfolio of Smartwings Group which is performed by two business brands Smartwings and Czech Airlines.  Smartwings planes are flying to more than 400 airports on 4 continents.